Slideable Menu plugin - formatting?

Is it possible to control the format of the sidebar menu. It is a little small on a mobile device ?


Beside the background color, not too much. It looks fine for on mobile though.

We’ll prob add more menu soon, but not immediately.


Oddly the font is bigger on that it is when I have implemented it.

Is there some way to add submenu items? Just adding spaces doesn’t seem to work.

Looking to create a menu that looks something like the following indentation wise, but WITHOUT the dashes:

---- List item
---- Enterprise
---- SMB
---- Individual

No, not yet. We remove spaces indeed. I’ll see if we can add this back.

That’d be really useful, thank you @emmanuel! Will stay tuned.

Why don’t you try again :wink: ?


Amazing!! thank you @emmanuel :grinning:


Love being able to have spaces. +1 for a few more formatting controls so that you can indicate which page you’re on. Spotify’s slideable menu pushes the current page to the side (I’ll take that or leave it), but puts a highlight on the current page… plus icons…

I know this can be achieved in a fully custom build, but could be cool for the plugin to have.

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Yeah, icons + text isn’t something that works well in our editor. Right now users tend to build such cases buttons themselves. It’s a bit heard to keep flexibility if we do this.

How does this function in the workflow?

I did this using images - only issue is that you cannot use workflows with them, but with just links to pages, it works fine.

see settings

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I found a better option than Slideable Menu:


  • Customise Menu Options
  • Add dynamic data
  • Use of images

Start by

  • Creating a Floating Group, that animates via a workflow. Add buttons etc.

And then make this a re-usable element. Seems to work better for me than Slideable Menu, plus you can customise this much more.

  • Then within the Header - which is also a re-usable element, add a button that triggers to open the Floating group.

(Tip - make sure that your reusable element is shortened to header height, otherwise elements in main body will not be clickable)


This is a great option, None of the bubble animations seems to resemble a generic slideleftin. did you have a solve for this?