Slideable menu plugin questions

Hello everyone,

I have an icon that notifies a user that they have an unread message, but when they click on the menu all of the menu options are formatted the same. I’d like to bold the “messages” text or add a similar blue icon next to it. Does anyone know to bold or add an icon by the text in a slideable menu option?

add a conditional onto the element

for instance

when the user message count is greater than 0

change: BOLD

Below is the screenshot of the options. Do you know how to configure it for the actual slide menus text itself?


I don’t think it’s possible to do this with the slideable plugin.

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I agree with @Nocodify This is a very limited plugin. I suggest you to use the BDK one.

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Are there other options you’d recommend to solve this?


If you are unable to fully customize the plugin for slideable menu I would build your own. It is simple enough, there are a few threads on the forum about it.

Here is one that I created

It is fully customizable as you make it and free.

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You can use this plugin to achieve it easily

This is great, thank you!