Slider input not working and style broken

Just realized sliders look like this now, they have completely lost the styles I applied and don’t work when i try to use them. Anyone else experiencing this? (default bubble slider input)

For reference, it still looks normal in the editor?

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Hi @xtechaus,

If you’ve ruled out all of the following which might be interfering with styles on the rendered page…

  • Custom CSS at the element, page, or app level within Bubble
  • Bubble plugin
  • Chrome extension

…then I’d suggest submitting a bug report.

(I did a quick test, and the styles I applied to a Slider Input seem to be rendering properly.)

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Alright I worked it out for anyone having the same issue, it was citizendevs switch plugin ( Switch (Toggle) Plugin | Bubble). A shame because it worked really great :frowning:

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