Slider input refuses to work at all

Hi everybody,

I try to find an answer to my question in the forum but could not find it…
I have a search page with a repeating group displaying a list of listings. each listing had a price,
so i put a slider input to filter the listings by price.
I tried to set this up a bunch of times but the slider input refuses to work at all. When i go in preview mode, even the sliders doesn’t move or drag… nothing.

Is there someone who could show me the right way to set this up please ? i’m kind of lost right now…

Thank you very much for your time and kindness :slight_smile:

A link to your editor will make it easier to troubleshoot. Could be as simple as element arrangement, but hard to tell.

I’ve had some problems with this in the past. All I can really offer is to make sure that the margins to the left and right of the slider are quite large. 20-40px minimum.

Having the same issue when i also filter by price. When i filter by other things, it seems to be ok.

Thank you everybody,

I finally decided to do it in an other way, with an input saying “hide listings above this input value”.

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