Slider Input - Update When Modified

I have a case where a slider input is modified, and a number is displayed showing the value of the slider. However, the slider input is in a repeating group. When I go to edit the text element for the dynamic value of the slider, the slider input is not available. I have a workflow “when slider input is changed,” so the number updates when the user releases the slider, but I really need it to update in real time as they modify it.

I’ve tried a couple of different slider plug-ins that have a “when modified” feature but they didn’t play well with the rest of my app. Any other suggestions? I either need a workflow to update when slider input is modified, or I need to extract the data from the repeating group to display outside.

I should also mention that I’ve tried auto-binding. While I’m not as familiar with the process, the bubble documentation states:

Auto-binding modifies a thing automatically as the user modifies the input, without using a workflow.

However, with the slider input, this only updated the database after the slider was released, not as it was being modified.

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