Change Element Input Value

We badly need this feature. In my case, I have an input slider. There’s an textbox that displays the value of the input slider. However, since the input slider can be difficult to manipulate on a tablet, I’ve added 2 buttons. One to increase the value and one to decrease the value. I can set the initial content of the input slider to the custom state (value) that I created associated with that page and so the buttons work as intended and both the input slider and textbox update accordingly. If, however, the user then adjusts the input slider, then the buttons no longer work because the input slider no longer has the initial content of the custom state (value), UNLESS I then create an event that captures the input slider value change, update the custom state (value) and then reset the input slider (the relevant element). So, a simpler solution to all of this would be to have the buttons able to modify the current value directly on the fly. I’m very surprised that this simple feature hasn’t been implemented. The solution above is way too complicate and took me a really long time to figure out because it’s not documented anywhere that I can find.


TF? Why aren’t there any replies?

I have a character counter set up, similar to the tweet counter showing number of characters. It works but not in real time, only when I “unfocus” the input. Then the counter updates, even though the state is set to change on every input value change.

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I agree, it’s annoying

It seems that bubble doesn’t have built-in functionality to change input value dynamically via condition or WF. Is this true?