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Slideshow Element


Is there anyway to make the image pause when mouse is hovered over it?
This is a feature on most slideshows but cannot see how to get this to work.

No we don’t have that yet.

Is there no work around? Have a client who is insisting on this feature.
Supose to go live tomorrow.

We can look into it, but tomorrow is a tight deadline…

I know sorry I was just trying to get something to work to keep the boss happy.
It is just 3 static image pictures.

We’ll see what we can do (and you can tell him the same thing). if it’s doable we can probably do this in a few days.


It’s live :slight_smile:


Wow. You guys are awesome.

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Is there a way to link the dynamic images?

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Thank-you so much for your quick work. It works great :slight_smile:

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