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Is it possible to add text to Slideshow plugin?


I would like to know if it is possible to add text to slideshow element? I would like each image to be displayed with its appropriate text.

I can’t find a way to do this with the Slideshow plugin I added to my project.


No it’s not somethings the plugin supports yet.

Any workaround?

Well if your images are dynamic, you have have some text on the top of the element, and have the text refer to the current slide.

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Thanks @emmanuel. That works :slight_smile:

So I made a thing with an image and text I wanted together on a slide. Then I set the dynamic source of the slideshow to a search for all those things. The source has to be a list of images, so technically it’s all those thing’s images.

How do I get the slideshow’s current slide’s thing? It looks like “current slide” actually means “current image” because it’s only giving me image options, not the other fields in the thing where the image is located.

Nevermind that. I figured out that if I change “type of image” to my slide-thing (which is a thing, not an image) then it accepts a list of slide-things and I’m able to get the thing’s fields when I need them.