Slow image load time. please help!

Hello can I find that my images take some time (delay in ms) before they show up. This makes transitioning between screens to have a poor user experience. Can anyone please help me around this and/or give me tips on how you make your apps transition smoothly.

Hey @kendrickmiles2599 I suggest you use light images or JPEG.

JPEG and PNG are also good choices for the web. If your choice is between JPEG or PNG, use JPEG for photos and PNG for logos. That’s because a JPEG is better compressed and loads faster, whereas a PNG will retain more detail and allows for a transparent background

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Hi @kendrickmiles2599
Have you compressed your images before showing them to your users ?
If not, try to do it by passing your images here before uploading them into Bubble

A good fix for this issue would be to use an HTML element instead and use the ?ignore_imgix=true parameter at the end of the image’s URL.
This forces their native Imgix integration to not process the image (note that this can also have negative impact on performances)

Girl in a jacket

And here’s the code you can use:

<img src="DYNAMICDATA?ignore_imgix=true" alt="Picture" width="100%">


You could also pre-load the images upfront, let me know if you’re interested in having a tutorial


One vote for a tutorial :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in understanding how to pre-load. It’s something I’ve gotten back from a few SEO analysis tools as a recommended action to take on images in the Index.


Nice… I’ll try this in a few hours.

And yes! I’m open to learning how to preload images.

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me too! I currently pre-load in a floating background group putting the images there with a white shape above it, but I don’t think this is a good way haha

Four votes for a tutorial for image preloading!))) Please, help @vnihoul77 :pray: