Images slow to load

Hi there! I cannot seem to figure out why images all over my app, some more than others, seem to load a lot quicker than others.

Please look at this loom for what I mean: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

There is a .gif I have as well that shows after about 5-10 seconds, sometimes not at all…

Why would this be happening and what can I do about it?

I have also tried compressing images, so far to no avail in terms of lowering that speed of load:


Nothing? Anyone lol?

If those are super common images (I.e something basically every visitor will come across) you may want to put them in an Option Set. Option Sets all get loaded in the browser on first visit and should speed up the load time of those images.

Thanks for the help there @flowtron … I dont use bubbles DB’s unfortunately and have a 3rd party back end that I call through the API Connector.

I also notice that any repeating group or group or really any place I have other images in my app that load from the 3rd party back end take longer to load in Bubble as well. It has nothing to do with the back end as when I debug it, it loads instantly.

I am not sure if you can see the image here but I am just uploading the image in the hard coded manner.

Are you using the “Attempt to make the call from the browser” checkbox in the API Connector? If not, doing so might help since the call won’t be bouncing to Portland and back to the user.

Also I’m confused by the image because you are saying you are pulling the data from an external db, yet the screenshot shows you pulling it from Bubble…

Got it!

I meant more that option sets wont really work for me in that they store information in the db, mostly for the other images I was referencing in my app (not in this example)… I have other in my app that are using the api connector that also load slowly.

This particular example is hard coded.

I will test shortly for the “api loaded” ones what you have said in terms of attempt to call from browser.

Any ideas why hard coded images take forever though lol?


Any other ideas?

I came accross your question while surfing, not that I am a professional myself but as far as I realized it takes a while when showing each image the first time.

Have you tried storing the appropriate pictures on custom states via pulling data by API once page loads? So that pictures will be uploaded as soon as page is loaded.

I have data loading a bit longer sometimes, this is how I deal with loading time for users. Would love to hear other ways, if there any too.


Interesting. So, you have essentially a custom state for every image, and that custom state is a “text” with the URL? And you essentially load all images for the app when the whole app loads and just tell the user (its loading) or something in the beginning more?

How long roughly is the initial load for your app in this case? Are you talking like 10 seconds longer? Or a few seconds lol?

You noticed this worked for you?

Just want to confirm this is what you do before I went and tried all of this out here haha!

Thanks @berksngn1

Can anyone else weigh in here?

Before I make a drastic change to my app such as making custom states for images upon load for every single image in my app, is there any way people have found to load images in a timely manner here?


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