Slow loading of related data in repeating group

Hi all,

Fiddling around with Bubble again. I noticed something that bugs me a bit.

I have two Data types called Relation and Relation Type

Relation Type has a Name field and I added two records: Supplier and Customer
Relation has the fields Company Name en Relation Type (the one above). I have added 2 records for testing.

When I load the data into a repeating group. Company Name is shown directly, but I have to wait a second before the value of the selected Relation Type is shown.

Question: What should I do to let the repeating group show both Company Name and Relation Type Name at the same speed/time?



I believe there are two answers:
a. You either hide the initial list and wait to show the result until it is fully loaded
b. You tweak you database to be a oiled and super slick database machine, but even then: when different searches need to be done it isdone sequentially I believe.

About a.
Super powerhouse user @romanmg did a video on how you can make this option happen. I looked for it, but could not locate it at the moment ( that woman is way to productive with helpful videos). Here is her Youtube channel:

I will check again as well.

About b.
There are about a Cazillion reasons why pages or databases are not performing the way you want them. Here is a link to a discussion we had on it ( with in that discussion a link to the super helpful thread done by founder Josh on how to optimize performance):

I hope I did not send you into a rabbits hole with this one :wink:


I am already subscribed to the YouTube channel of @romanmg. Didn’t find the tutorial about it yet.

I will try the following:

  1. Load data of RG in custom state (list) on page load and represent this in the RG.


  1. Setting the data of the page itself and represent this on the RG.

One of the above if needed in combination with a condition on the RG to show only when data/page is loaded.

I don’t believe I could change something in the database for this simple example. Other than adding a list of relations on the Release Type Data type. To create a complete one-to-many relationship, but maybe I am overthinking that.

Thanks for the shoutout @SenorPelota :slightly_smiling_face:

@FJP, he’s right in that there is a dependency thing happening here. The Relation needs to be loaded in the cell first before any dependent field can load. Sometimes it’s pretty quick, sometimes it’s a noticeable “trickle” of things loading in. That really just depends on how complex the searches are, the elements, what else is going on in the page, app capacity, etc.

I think even if you set a custom state to the Relation list, the RG itself will still need to first load the cells’ Relation before it can load each cell’s Relation Type. You may run into the same issue. One thing a custom state like this WOULD help is having the RG load the initial list in a more uniform way (rather than cell by cell) because the list will have already been retrieved. Just please keep the # of items you load to a reasonable size. Use pagination if your list is long.

If Relation Type is one field that’s super important to have shown in the same “instant” as the Company name, then you’re better off having a text field for the Type label directly within the Relation data type:


  • Company (text)
  • Type (text)

You could still have a separate Relation Type field like you currently have to help with other areas of the app (filtering, reporting, etc.), and hopefully you’re ok with the few extra steps to manage both (and also not too OCD about having slightly redundant data within the Relation data type :wink:)

Hope that helps!

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Hi @romanmg ,

Thanks for your reply.

I tested the use of a custom state which didn’t help like you said.

I also created a List of Relations in the Relation Type to link it back. No luck also.

So I will use a text field with type as a workaround for now.

The thing is, that in another testing app I load “Messages” where “Category” is in a custom state (list) of visible “Categories”. Categories are shown in a repeating group on the left. Messages are shown in a repeating group on the right

In this app the category’s Name is immediately shown when rendering the Messages in the left positioned repeating group. The relationship is quite the same as in the issue I am facing now.

Is it possible to only show the RG when all data (so also the related) are loaded?