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/slug User URL can hit limit?

I am creating a marketplace that requires the user to have a new profile URL each time they create and account as kinda like this follows:

I Am accomplishing this by match the slug with a page name and I am creating a page manually each time a new profile is added.

I haven’t find a solution for it.

Also let’s say I get 100 pages or even 1000 , will it create a problem on the backend , is there any limitation?

I am trying to get funding, and I feel stuck here. Any hack/solution/recommendation would ve great. What If I get 10000users? How will I do it?
Thank youuuu

Why don’t you create the user’s slug just after the sign up?

I am doing that. What I cant do is access the path to load this dynamically without having to create a page with the slug name.

If you try to Get Data from URL , when loading the root domain, it will give an error…this works if you do this:

Being “p” a page you can get the rest of the path and use to load data for the user

But won’t work on the root domain.