Can you set up a dynamic page at

Please remind me, is it possible to have a user profile page like on Instagram

Is it possible to remove /index/ from{User's Slug}



This is possible, but only through URL parameters and not through page content at this time.

The index page is a special page, and the path “index” will always be automatically removed from your URL as long as there is no type of content. However, as soon as you set a type of content on the index page, you’ll need to include “index” in the page path so the link would look like

The solution would be to use “Get Data from Page URL” instead of page content to reference your user’s slug, and send the slug via URL parameter so the url would end up looking like

I hope this is helpful!

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Ok Sam! I see you out here being helpful. Thanks man! Glad to see some Bubble team members back in here.

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@mac2 Doing my best, one post at a time :wink:

Please remind me whether it is possible to set more than 1 slash in the URL?

Can I achieve something like

instead of

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