Smooth scroll to hidden div on click

See the image below showing a single question, notice that it appears to be a full page and the scroll bar suggests that the page is fully loaded. This is not my website but I love the UX because once you click the ‘Next’ button, it seems to load the next part of the page and automatically scroll down to reveal the next question.

I’d like to do something similar, but using a workflow of element action “scroll to” doesn’t hide the scroll bar. I want to hide the scroll bar (or display as full page on each question) so a user can’t see how many questions there are by scrolling down. Is this possible?

Hey @darren.james7518

Check out the “sweet scrollbar” plugin, you can use it to hide your scrollbars (set width to nil or set colour to transparent)

This will only work on a repeating group, not on a normal page.

I have used the workflow element “scroll to” and now have ‘Next’ buttons jump to the next part of the webpage. The challenge now is to make the scroll bar appear to be full height for each section - meaning, I don’t want the user to be able to scroll down manually, I want them to have to click the ‘Next’ button for the page to reveal the next part of the page. Anyone know how to do this?