SMS own phone number

Does anyone know of a service that allows users to send texts with a phone number they already own? Does Twilio offer this?

Right now I’m using ClickSend- all my users share the same 833 number and it’s only one way. This can be confusing and the recipients often think it’s spam. I’d like to find a solution that lets them use their own number for 2 way texting.

Sure there are plenty of them out there; just take a look. Although you’d prob want to start with custom numbers for each customer but generated from you (giving users a choice of area code etc); otherwise you have to deal with seperate API keys or porting for the customer’s number to be accessible by you.

I was told by the ClickSend reps that the Ray Baum’s Act prevents them from using personal phone numbers. Maybe using Twilio with something like Pathfix would be the best plan.