Snapping doesn’t work for groups & multiple selections

Seems like whatever my snap settings are, they don’t work when I try to move things after selecting several of them, or when trying to move groups. Here’s a screencast to illustrate the point:

  1. I show that there are indeed snapping settings turned on
  2. I show that they work for an individual field
  3. I show that they don’t work when creating groups.
  4. I show that they don’t work when moving several objects at once


Yeah, I noted it as well a year ago. I never submitted a formal bug report, though, so I have no idea if it’s on Bubble’s to-do list.

What’s a “formal bug report”? Will this one do?

Hi @vovazk,

No, this forum is really for confirming with other users that it is indeed a bug before submitting a formal bug report. And this issue might not even be a bug, but rather a design decision. There is an Ideaboard where you can make official feature requests.

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