So bubble is just going to never fix "set focus to input" on iOS?

All the previous threads are abandoned. I love how the forums is a ghost town for a lot of subjects.

I find it incredibly corny that I realistically cannot use a button to set focus to an input. Off the rip we’re at a disadvantage compared to native apps. Sad!

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I know you don’t want to hear this, but ranting about it in the forum isn’t going to produce results, hence the abandoned threads you mentioned.

You know the drill… add it to the ideaboard, and get folks to upvote it. Come on, Drixxon… you know plenty of Bubblers. I’ll bet you could have it upvoted to the top of the board in no time! At that point, it might actually have a chance of being addressed.



Congratulations, Boston… that might literally be my first genuine lol at a forum post. Bravo, Sir.


But Mike! AI is our top priority. It should be built first before all MORE IMPORTANT features :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:


AI should just know which input I want in focus at all times. But you can’t do that, can you, AI? Think you’re so damn smart. “Ooh, I’m AI… look at me… I can make weird pictures and write cover letters that no human being would ever actually write. I’m so useful!” Just shut up already, AI.