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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a social media platform on Bubble and have thus far successfully built a like function and a comment function. Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to work out how to build a share function within Bubble, like you would find on, say, Facebook, or Twitter (retweet).
Has anyone built such a function using Bubble before and is willing to share how they did it? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks :smile:

Do you mean share to Twitter, etc?

I think Luisa is looking for a button that allows you to take someone else’s post and share it to your social page, i.e. the social page Luisa is creating.

@luisabokor have you checked out any of the Social Media templates out there? I realize many of them cost money, you might be able to find one that doesn’t, but either way if you can find one it might really be worth your time to dissect and reverse engineer a sharing function in one of those.

There are more than a few ways you could do this, and it would greatly depend on the existing structure you have already built out. I have pasted a few templates that likely have the functionality you are looking for, but if you’d prefer to not go the template route then I would put the word out to anyone in here who has made a social media app (I have not) and ask them if they would be willing to get into your editor and walk you through a few ideas! Maybe include it in a reply on this string. That is the quickest way to a solution.

All the same, here are a few examples that might help you learn more about social media app structuring in Bubble.

Social Media App Templates
Zeroqode: Social Network like Linkedin Template | Bubble
EZCode LinkedIn: Ez LinkedIn - Jobs Network Bubble Template by - no code web & app developers
Instagram App in Bubble: How To Build An Instagram Clone Without Code - Bubble

Again, these aren’t solutions rather they are potential directions for you to go in figuring out what you might need to be building into your functionality.

Good luck!

If that’s the case, then why not just have an API in your app that dictates the share function would go to, using a backend workflow that dictates all the parameters needed and have a constant be that it’s going on X’s page? Hopefully that makes sense but Jake may have a better understanding of the problem!

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