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Social Media Timeline/Feed

Hello, I would like to create a timeline for my social media app basically just like twitter. I am most confused on the part where the text you put in your multi line input displays in the repeating group as your timeline.
Here’s some images for you guys to help me out. The work flow is when button post is clicked @emmanuel @NigelG @natedogg @wahome @vlad . I have already seen the ‘Twitter without code article’ and it doesnt explain displaying the input text in the timeline.

Have you created a Thing in the database for the actual Post?

It looks like your repeating group is referencing the multiline input, not your Posts. You probably need to change your source of the repeating group.

@potentialthings yeah I have the thing in the database. Now I changed the data source to this, but it shows the same post over and over again, how can I have individual ones after each other?

I figured it out, just use the tutorial defining field as a list of things

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@potentialthings how do you think I can get it in chronological order with the most recent post at the top? it currently comes at the bottom. I want to basically what the twitter timeline is

In your search do a “Sort By” on Created Date.

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is this what its supposed to be?

Yep! Although just from looking at your screen, I’m wondering why there isn’t an error for data type mismatch. Do you have any errors with this setup?