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Hey guys ! Wondering can anyone give me some tips on how to make a social media timeline where users can comment and create post ?.. so far I got a repreating group I don’t know how to set it up so that there is no limit to how many post user can make and I have a input for the repeating group…

If anyone could help me I would be very thankful thank u!!

You might find something in here

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It’s really easy mate. You only need 3 data-types to start.


  • name
  • email
  • username
  • profile-img
  • posts (list of posts)
  • comments (list of comments)


  • body
  • comments (list of comments)
    **Posts already has a creator (user)
  • like (yes/no)


  • body
  • post
    **Comments already has a creator (user)

This video may come in handy as well


Thank you guys so much I’m about to try all of them out

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