Social Sign Up/Login - Check if new or existing user

Hi Everyone!

When using social sign up/login, is there a way to check if it is a new user signing up vs an existing user logging in? I want to have different subsequent actions depending on which is the case.

I suppose you could check the creation date of the user, but was not sure if this is the most robust method.


The Signup/login with a social network action doesn’t return anything to us directly that lets us know if this is a new signup or a returning login. Though of course Current User is now authenticated and is set to the User represented by that login.

You’re correct that checking User’s Created Date is not the right way to do this.

Presumably, you want to run the User through some onboarding workflow. So, add a field to your User object (like Onboarded, a boolean, err “yes/no”). Once onboarding is compete, set this field to yes. Now when folks login you can check if they are onboarded. User’s Onboarded will be true if they have completed onboarding. User’s Onboarded will be false if they have not.

(You might already have fields on the User that implicitly represent the state of being onboarded and you could just check that for emptiness instead.)

Thank you for that very thorough reply!

That makes sense to me, a Boolean field on the user itself sounds like the way to go.

Thanks again!

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