Solution to creating many things at once depending on number of multi-dropdown choices

Hey everyone

I need help please. Is there a way either through API but preferably through native bubble features where I can make it that when a user clicks a button, a million dollars is sent to my bank account?

Just kidding.

I am sharing my solution to a query I made a few months back where I wanted to in one go create the same number of things as the number of selections a user makes from a multiple choice drop-down menu. The only responses I got was to create a recursive workflow loop but I couldn’t wrap my head around how to achieve it.

This solution is simple and will be obvious to experienced bubblers but for novices like me, I hope it will be of help.

When the user clicks the button that create the thing(s), I created a first thing, and in the field of the multidropdown, I made it = dropdown’s value: first item

Then I made a second thing, and made the dropdown field = dropdown’s value item #2. I placed a condition of this workflow "only when dropdown’s value > 1

and so on…

To solve the issue of me not knowing the number of selection’s the user will make from the dropdown menu beforehand, I limited the number of allowed choices to 4 (which is more than enough in my use case).

I hope this helps any newbies out there.