[Solved] Any way to create Workflow when input in a RG is selected / focused

@fayewatson, we’re so close.

I created a new page within the Forum App and made a few updates to extend the 2nd version you created. Specifically:

  • I set it up to show the next input after a user types something in the 2b (as opposed to on focus).
  • I got rid of the custom state “Focus” and added a 25ms delay in the workflow which seems to have fixed the problem with 2b not being focused sometimes.

Looks like you already go most everything else working! The only thing left seems to be getting tab to take a user from the last option in the RG to the first input below it. I’ve played around with various grouping options and none of them seem to work. I think a RG makes the most sense since I can see us extending this capability beyond 15 inputs so I asked emmanuel if he’d be able to extend the input sequence to ignore RG’s and instead just use regular groups to faciliate ordering. Seems like others will run into the same issue and I can’t imagine precluding people from using RG’s within forms is the ideal functionality, so perhaps he’ll be able to make a quick fix.

Of course, if you have other ideas on how to solve this, I’m all ears. Been very impressed so far! Thanks again!