Tab does not follow order when different input type

I am unable to ensure that the tab works in order by pressing tab when there are different option types. Any idea what could be the problem?

Hi :wave:t2:

It must works if you have them in the same group and properly ordered.

Bubble will go first by the same line (from left to right) and then to the next line below.

But Maybe If you want to work right now you can set a workflow as :

When input A change, then : set focus , to input B.

Also if you have a picture or a video to see how are them aligned in your editor, I can send you a more specific response.



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Does not seem to work well with date & time pickers

Hi, :wave:t2:

Yes :frowning:, it doesn’t works, but I tried to create something that generates a similarity as a “focus”:

  1. Create a style for the date picker with no border and no background, but with the same font, aligment, etc of the others inputs.

  2. In the position that will be the AirDate/TimePicker, I will add an DUMMY INPUT with the same style, width and height of the other Inputs (checking that has no validation rules and can be empty).

  3. Now, In front of that Dummy Input, I will put the AirDate/TimePicker, that will be 6 pixels smaller (width and height too, also centered vertically and horizontaly) than the dummy input (to be sure that the color, width and other conditions of the dummy input can be visible when is focused).

  4. Also to be sure that it will works, you can add a worfklow on the previous input of the AirDate/TimePicker: When that input value is changed > set focus to input > Dummy Input.

I created a video that can explain better the idea. (sorry for my english lol :sweat_smile: )



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