Focus input in a repeating group

Hello, I have a rg with multiple inputs, when the input’s value is changed it makes changes to the thing. Also, there is an add new option button outside of the repeating group that makes a new thing and adds it to the rg. I want to make a single workflow that will add the new thing to the rg and make the focus input on the last cell of the rg. No matter what I try focus input always ends up on the second to last cell. Here is a short clip trying to explain the problem.

Hey @petarmx5 :wave:

I think I get what you are trying to do.

I think I was able to get this to work with a bit of JavaScript. You need the Toolbox plugin to use JavaScript.

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Hope that helps. :blush:

Screen Recording 2023-11-13 at 2.57.55 PM