[SOLVED] Can we limit the input for location to a specific City or Country?


I am trying to build an app for use only in my home town, when people want to search for a service provider they need to input their address.

I want to do it like when the address is out of the city, it will check and ask the user to input again a valid address which is a location within the city.

Is that possible? How we can do it?



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Yes, you can add a condition to the workflow that checks the country of the address (see extract… Option after the inputs value in the expression builder).


Thank you so much Emmanuel! It works really great!

i put the extract and then reset the value when it is not in the city’s name :smiley:


I’ve tried to do the very same thing but i’ve been unsuccessful.
Where would you add the condition to the workflow for this? Would it be on the ‘Conditional’ section of the element (input) or should I create a custom event in the workflow section of my page?

Hi there, it would be really helpful if you can show us how to do this with a screenshot.


What does this mean.

i put the extract and then reset the value when it is not in the city’s name

can we get more details please. a step by step explaination perhaps. I am unable to succesfull do this.

also. is it possible to allow only specific adress in the search box example only 50 adress of my choice you be available

For anyone that may need to solve this, here’s how I did it (based on what Emmanuel said above):

  1. Add a workflow that runs if This searchbox’s value:extract country code is not NL… you can choose whatever condition you want using the extract function.


  2. Added a reset input step

  3. Added an airalert to tell the user they need to have an address in NL