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i have a thing called Parent and it has a Parent ID which is the Email and a Status field the Status = Expired


  • Parent ID = Email
  • Status = Expired

now i have a User that has also a field Parent ID which is = to Parent’s Parent ID and Parent Status which is currently Active


  • Parent ID = Parent’s Parent ID <— i did this just to bind that this user is under a Parent because they have the same Parent ID
  • Status = Active

what i want to do is When Page is Loaded Make changes to Current User Parent Status = Expired Only When Parent Status = Expired

here’s my Workflow

and it’s not working…Please Help!

I don’t quite know how all the data is set up, but is the “first item” supposed to go to the “Search for Parents” bit, not to the status bit? Is Parent Status a list of things?


since User is under or bind to Parent because they had the same Parent ID so if the Parent Status is = Expired the User Parent Status should change to Expired also.

Parents ← DataType
– Parent ID = email@domain.com
– Parent Status = Expired
User ← DataType
– Parent ID = email@domain.com
– Parent Status = Active <— s/b change to Expired

Why don’t you just have the “Parent” be a field on the User, instead of using a text for Parent ID? If you had a field called Parent, of type Parent, then you could just say, “Set Current User’s Status to Current User’s Parent’s Status.”

Is there a specific reason you chose to do it this way?

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User = Students

i have a list of Parents and Student as Users

so when i want to search for Students(User) Parent it will be easy to find because both Parent and Student has the same ID which is the Parent ID

let say i want to show what’s John’s Parent Name, all i need is Do a Search then add a Constraint of Parent ID = Current Users Parent ID because if i don’t add a Constraint of Parent ID it will search or show all Parents Name unless i will add a :firstitem then it will show who is in the first row of Parent Lists

so on my question above what i want is since Johns Parent Status is Expired i want to change also Johns Parent Status from Active to Expired and i want it to change when the Page is Loaded that will be the trigger to change it

I still think this is a really complicated way of accomplishing what you’re trying to do. But, if you want to keep it this way, you’re probably going to have to do “Parent Status = Search for Parents:first item’s Parent Status.” (This is in the menu called “Make changes to current user”). I’m not sure you need the “Only When” condition if you just have the formula set up like this.

also if i put the Parent as a field of User what if i want to show all Parent’s Name or show a lists of Parent it will be easy for me to call or search for them if i have their own DataType

i need to add a condition to change the Users Status from Active to Expired WHEN the Parent Status is Expired

if i only search for Parent Status it might change the Users Status whether the Parent Status is Active or Expired but like i said i need it to change only if the or when the Parent Status is Expired.

I’m not sure I’m going to have the best advice at this point, to be honest. Your data structures are set up in a way that’s having me think pretty backwards from how I would’ve built this out, so I’m afraid my suggestions aren’t going to be helpful.

also if you only do this “Parent Status = Search for Parents:first item’s Parent Status.” its invalid you need to add More


ok here’s the fixed :slight_smile:

I agree with @andrewgassen, that you would be better off setting the Parent field under User to type Parent and not text. Less room for error and you don’t have to worry about doing a search because you can set it to equal the exact Parent record.

Also not sure how your solution solved your problem since it doesn’t take the expired status into account?

If you were to simply have a Parent (type Parent) field instead of text under User, then you may not even need the additional status field for the User. You could just use Current User’s Parent’s Status. But perhaps there’s a reason for having separate status fields.

My last thought is, if they do need to remain separate, wouldn’t it be easier to trigger this status change for the User from the same trigger that changed it for the parent?

actually i thought it was solved my problem… so i just do what you guys suggest to make the Parent under User as a field then do a condition that if a Parent Status is Expired Do a search for User that has a Title of Parent and has the same Parent ID of the Current User, after the Condition and Search Make Changes to Current User’ Status to Expired. :slight_smile:

this solve my problem


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