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[SOLVED] Creating a "Suggested for you" button functionality

Hey There,

I wish to create a button functionality that recommends a Venue to visit nearby by randomly pulling a record from the DB and displays a different randomized Venue everytime the button is pressed.

I have a button with the following ‘Display data in a group’ action which passes the first randomized record.

This works once the very first time you press only but not for any other consecutive presses after that.

why is that?

Are you, by chance, using a “When condition true” trigger? If so, there’s a toggle for 1-time only or always.

If it’s not that, I wonder if some sort of caching is going on? …perhaps run an action to clear the data for the group and then run a random version.

I made some changes and it worked…

rather than sorting the list randomly as a constraint, I pass ‘random item’ from the list.

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