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[Solved] Creating link to launch a popup within a sentence?

In the below text I would like the “sign in” to be a hyperlink that when clicked displays the Log in/Sign up pop up. This doesn’t seem to be an easy task to do.

I would prefer to be able to do this within the text element so the spacing between the words stays consistent. The problems I have found:

  1. Only buttons can trigger a pop up.
  2. Text elements allow for adding hyperlinks when using the Rich Text Editor, but it does not appear that you trigger workflow

Any ideas?

Well a Text element can also trigger a popup, you can make that whole sentence into a text element, underline the “sign in” using RTE and trigger the popup when the element is clicked

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Thanks, that’s what ended up doing, but it’s still not perfect. If your text is white and you try to mimic the blue color for the hyperlink, when you hover over the link the underline turns white while the text is blue.

Can’t you just remove/change the hover color on the conditional tab? Alternatively, you could make “sign in” a separate text element and change its color that way. You’d just have to manually figure out the spacing.

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Yes, we don’t have a good way to trigger workflows from a part of a text element (could get a bit messy). is the problem is visual, you could force the text that isn’t sign in to not be underlined when hovered (but it would still trigger the workflow) using BBcode.

I tend to use a group with no background for these. So place the group over the text you want to make clickable.

Of course in the these responsive times you have to put the text AND the group in another group to keep them together :frowning:

Yes, and this is where it starts to become cumbersome. I’ve got to put a group in a group in a group. Then trying to modify these objects becomes a pain in certain scenarios.