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Does anyone know of a plugin which can underline only CERTAIN parts of a text and make that portion of the text a clickable link?

Looking for something that would be able to handle one sentence such as Mark Jones works at Starbucks and when Mark’s name was hovered over, that would be underlined and clickable to his profile and if Starbucks were hovered, that would be underlined and clickable to their page. Thanks.

Im not aware of any plugin that can do as you describe, hopefully someone else can help there.

If you wanted to do it in Bubble you could make two different text elements then have them in a group. Each text element underlining when hovered using a Conditional “This text is hovered” and do a workflow on each text element to go to the desired page (Navigation, user to their profile, and Starbucks to their company page within bubble, if you wanted to send them to the real Starbucks page just use the “link” element on the left side of the editor).

I also found this which may be interesting:

In the text element you can have individual parts hyperlinked. Use the rich text editor in the text element to put in the hyperlink. Then edit the hyperlink so that it opens another page and passes a URL parameter to pull up Mark’s profile.

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