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DateInput - Hours limits

I’ve seen you added Min/Max for Hours in the Date Picker. I needed it so I appreciate !

The problem I have is that I don’t see how I can extract an Hour from a date to define this parameter. Using a function like but with :change days to 0 ? but it’s not available.

Here the case :


I thought formatting the current date and time to just the hour (HH) would do the trick. But no dice.

@JayMoney , yeah the format does not change the type.
It may not be possible right now. Thks for the try anyway :slight_smile:

and by the way, @emmanuel would it be possible to extract the day of the week, the day of the year, or the month of the year as integer.
That would be useful to define conditions like :

  • if Day_of_the_week(Date1) = Day_of_the_week(Date2)
  • look for the 1st days of all the months of 2015.

We’ll look into it.

Added it.

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