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[SOLVED] Does anyone know how to use multiple data type workflows with a drop area?

Does anyone know of a nifty way to work with different types of data for drag/drop zones? I have two drag object types and need to be able to drop them both on the same drop area/zone. However, every time I try to do so, I get the following error with the second workflow for the other data type not being used:

There is a type mismatch between the dropped group and the workflow type

Here’s the Workflow view; depending on what’s dropped, I get an error for either #1 or #2:

My best guess is each drag/drop zone only supports one type of content, therefore it can only display one dropped group.

I would suggest you to create two different drag/drop groups with the two different field at the same location. Make your two workflows drop on the two groups respectively. They will appear on the same place for a viewer. But you know at the backend, they are two elements, so they won’t crash.

If you could provide more details (maybe how you construct your workflow / settings/ data type), we can give a bit more solid suggestions.

Hope that helps!

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@ada, sooooo it helps if you confirm the drop area actually has a workflow set up… :grimacing: apologies!

Drop areas do work with different types of drop items even if the drop area’s type isn’t the same; I simply needed to put another workflow in place that had a condition that checked if the dropped item was of a different type.

Thanks again for your help.

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