Drop Areas w/ multiple workflows based on different 'type of things'?

Hi All,

I was wondering about how best to set this up. I have a single Drop Area that when it has a group dragged on it, the data from the group is saved to a Data Type Thing. I have several groups with different data types, being saved into a users ‘project’, collecting the elements they want to use within their project.

  • page elements
  • asset elements
  • plugin elements
  • and so on…

Currently, I have multiple workflows on the one drop area. At the moment there is a mismatch between the dropped group and the workflow of several workflows apart from the correct one which does run saving the data to the database. I get the warning in run mode with debug on about the mismatch.

1 workflow runs, the rest fail due to mismatch. I’m thinking that there must be a way to not have these other workflows run that are also expecting a dropped grouped based on some criteria.

Has anyone some suggestion about best implementation of this? I’m sure I am doing it wrong.


Did you ever find a solution for this? Wanting to know the same thing.