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[SOLVED] Example responsive / mobile app

Do you have any example apps that are responsive across web browser sizes that are also mobile ready? Realize you’re still in beta for responsiveness (I think?), but would be great to see an example of all this in action!

Well is mostly responsive, and using the same engine as you do.

Thanks for the response. I opened the app before I made this post and couldn’t get the responsive viewer to work. Am I doing something wrong?

Double click on the page and check the ‘enable responsive engine’ box at the bottom of the property editor.

Ah, thank you! Is the only thing precluding this app from being ready to package into an iPhone app the fact that it’s not a single page app? Or would other adjustments need to be made, for example if you only wanted to show the index page as an iPhone app?

Hi Emmanuel, I was wondering if you could help me out in locating the property editor, Thank you, Anthony.

The property editor is what shows up when you double click on an element.

Check out I’ve still got some tweaking to do, but it’s mostly responsive across all browser sizes.

Hi Kfawcett, I was wondering if you could help me out with an issue that arised in my app design. I have made everything responsive on my page but when I go past a certain minimum width everything just stays at the that size. Then when I go to open the app on my IPhone only half the page is in view, I have posted examples below of my problem, I was hoping you would have some idea of where I’m going wrong, Kindest Regards, Anthony!

Check the minimum width on the page element. That one got me for a while with the exact opposite effect. I didn’t want the page to get smaller then 300px and the page width was not set.

Thats perfect that was the problem thanks so much! ,Anthony!