Solved - Force B to No Value - if Dropbox A was not selected - How?


I’m using two dropboxes in cascade :
(countries are listes depending on the Region selected previously)
DBox A = Region
DBox B = country
How do I force Dropbox B to HIDE all countries as long as Dropbox A has not returned a value ?
As for now, DBox B does list all countries when DBox A Region is not selected.


Make DBox B not visible on load, then use a constraint on it to say if DBoxA’s value is not empty make visible DboxB


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Thanks Simon, I was thinking of hide/show the B Box latter but that solves the need in a single step !
Cool stuff from BBL :slight_smile:

now, this situation occured :
when a User goes back to Select another choice in DBoxA , (Region)
(Some Regions I preset do not - yet - display their countries, so no countries shows, but the DBox B Shows along with the previously outdated result.

How could I force DBoxB to disapear again…when no country is available (yet) for the region selected.
Would that imply using an extra countries Counter. …= 0 …= 5 to succeed this ?

Solved using two STEPS.
1). Show if condition A is True.
2) Hide if condition A is False. !
works Great !