[SOLVED] Google maps directions language (fr not working)

I’m having issues with the language propriety in the google maps directions api.
For a reason i can’t explain french don’t work.
if i use the pt abbreviation for portuguese or en for english everything works. if i enter fr for french the call return nothing. I don’t understand why beacause if i enter manually the language in my https request whitin my browser everything works… is it a problem with bubble?

see images below.

what it should return :

the problem i have :

my Api setting :

Thank you everyone.

Rather than the parameter, language add a header Accept-Language and use the same value fr

thank you for your help but it still doesn’t work. the instructions language is in english.


oh this is my bad… I forgot the e of Language, but still with the good orthography my returned values are empty. I really dont understand whats happening

The returned values you have there being “ZERO_RESULTS” is Google Directions API speak for the is no route available between the origin and destination. Try a different set of values.


Thank you very much @jarrad!

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