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how can I set a language for founded places in dropdown? I need to set it to German and at the moment they are in English…

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Did you check if the Google Map API provides option to add language parameter in endpoint?

As far as I understand - yes. I have found this example:

But how can i use this parameter by Bubble?

lang = en-EN (find German language)
Here you can use the parameter value to dynamic.

Or you can directly use the German language code ‘de’

Please search for the accurate locale. In google API documentation you will find it.

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For German language it will be “de-DE”, but where in Bubble SearchBox Settings can i set this parameter?

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Where are you making the API call? Please share screenshot.

I don’t use any API direct. I have used standard SearchBox from Bubble with option Geographic Places trough Google Geocode API key and Google Map API key. These two keys I have added by Bubble Settings/General.

My SearchBox work correctly and search a geographic address by typing, but shows all result in English. But I need to show all search results in German language… And would like to limit address search only for Germany.

I think you will need to work directly with the API if plugin does not provide the option for language changes.

And yes direct API will charge for Autocomplete Search and many other things.

But you will get greater flexibility and control over the API.

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