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[Solved] Having an issue filtering a search by a group of users

I want to show a random entry. I am trying to filter the entries based on who created them. I have set a constraint as users, and then the type of users in another search. However, Bubble seems to want me to limit this second search to 1 item. Is it possible to include all users in my search? Also, am I excluding the current user the correct way?

Link to example:

Here I am searching for the data source:

Now I want to filter by specific users that created these entries:

I want to filter by excluding the current user and by users who have a turnover > 0.

There is an error because it wants to filter by only 1 user in the second search.

Do “Created by is in Search for Users” with everything else the same. When you set it to = , it’s expecting a single value because Created By field is a single value field. If your field is ever a list value, that’s when it will accept " = list"

“Is in” is for identifying a single entry in a list, so “creator is in a list of users.”

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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this worked, thanks

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