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[Solved]How do I change the color of an image?

hi, I uploaded an image but i don’t know how to change its color. I do know that you have to do it on Style but is too complicated. Can someone help me?

Can you be more specific when you say “change color of image” pls? I mean, an image is an image.

Do you mean the color of an image element?

I want to make the “settings” icon gray instead of black, here’s a screenshot:

Then I understand, thanks.

As far as I know, there’s no way of changing the color of an image. Reason is, it’s an image :slight_smile: You used an image.

Instead of using your own image, use an icon. Lots more flexibility. You have a good chunk of icons already in bubble.

alright, thanks for the help!

Anytime. Tip; update topic to start with [SOLVED] so ppl can see your topic was solved.

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You can actually change some coloration of an image if you process it with imgix within Bubble.

that’s true though @natedogg. Thanks for providing the tip. Didn’t go into it as that wasn’t rao2001’s real question. :smiley: