Change colour of a vector image within Bubble?

Is there any way to change the colour of an image (vector) that I upload, within Bubble?

I tried uploading .svg and tried converting it to reusable element – don’t see a way to change the colour.

And I don’t see a way to convert an image to an icon.

Instead of using it as an image, use it as a HTML. Is that possible in your case?

Here’s an example

CleanShot 2022-05-25 at 13.30.37

Page (editor)

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Hmm, I don’t know… I think I’ll need to come back to this – for now, I’ll just continue what I’m doing, which is changing the colour in adobe illustrator and re-uploading. The html thing might take me some time to get my head around

It’s easier than you think! Just open it with TextEdit and you can get the needed code to drop in the HTML element.


Wow this is a great tip, I had no idea this was possible. Thanks for sharing!

Nice :slight_smile: I didn’t figure out how to get that hex input field. But that’s ok. I can just change the color in the html.