SOLVED: How do I make this group widen to the full width of the screen on mobile?

I have finally delved into Responsive, having avoided it for as long as I could. I am having some success but I do have what is probably a basic question. I can’t figure out how to stretch my group’s width to take the full width of my mobile screen. I have tried combinations of full-width and min/max width. It now looks fine in the Responsive editor but on my phone there is a margin still on either side. My phone is a Nexus 6P, so fairly large, but I’m hoping there was a one-size-fits-all solution of some sort. Please note that I want the group to stay centred with margins on wider a desktop screen.

My editor page is here: App Editor

SOLVED: There was a rogue group that I couldn’t see. Removed and all okay. Now to get full height :slight_smile:

have you achieved full height? I’m struggling with that now with different devices. when I make a group as small as just needed, then it just fill the remaining screen height with the background colour I set :confused:

Yes, I believe I did. I haven’t done anything specifically for mobile in a long while but in general, the trick with height is to stack the groups on top of each other and use the collapse when hidden property to shrink a group’s height when it isn’t visible. When I first read people recommending that the groups be on top of each other, I thought they meant that the groups should occupy the same space. The penny dropped for me when I realised that the groups needed to be stacked height-wise, without any gaps or overlaps. I just thought I’d mention this in case it’s the missing piece for you too.

Beyond this, what I would recommend is to take a look at some of the mobile page templates that are available to see what they do. I use Airdev’s Canvas almost exclusively for everything I do now and I believe they have at least one page template that is for mobile. It has a footer nav menu that floats to the bottom of the page. You may find it helpful to see how that is done.