[Resolved] Groups not resizing according to screen width

Hi all, I’m struggling to get my groups to stretch responsively when the screen width increases. When I check on the ‘Responsive’ editor, it seems as though they are behaving as if they all have ‘fixed width’ checked, when in fact ‘fixed width’ is not checked for any of them. The result is that as soon as the screen size increases beyond my page width (360 px), white margins start to appear on the left and right sides of the screen

There is just one exception - a floating group I have at the bottom of my page - which does stretch responsively, as I want it to. I cannot figure out why this group is behaving differently.

I actually tried creating a new grey rectangle outside of all my groups that’s the same width as my page width - 360 px - and even this rectangle isn’t stretching responsively. But when I do this on a new page in the same app, the rectangle DOES stretch responsively. It’s as though for my index page only, responsiveness has been turned off…

Here is the link to my app: (Removed)

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Update: This has been resolved - see Why has the width of my page content changed?