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(solved) How to add javascript to page header?

I read the topic where one can add javascript code to html header at page level or app level.

I found the app level header implementation box in app settings.

I am confused about header.

As far I understand. Header element is the reusable element that I can draw in each page. Now do I add my Ad code on the html header. I mean do use draw an html box and paste the code in it or there is another way to add the code.

Right now. I drew an html box on header and made it invisible. I also added the google ad code. However, my adds doesn’t show up.

I am sure I am not following the right path.

It is in Settings/Metatags.

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Thanks Nigel. I assume that is at app level. I was looking to put the code on page level. On some pages I don’t want to show the add.

You can do this using the Header section at the page level, double click on the page and you’ll see this in the property editor.

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Awesome, that’s what I was looking for. Many thanks Emmanuel.

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