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[Solved] How to add Like feature to post?

Can someone screen capture the data set-up as well as the like button workflow and conditions?

This is the last part to my social media site for me to launch. I would gladly appreciate the help :slight_smile:

What have you tried so far? What part are you getting stuck at?

Hey @andrewgassen

I have made the like button were it can be liked by a user and un-clickable after current user clicks on it, but if I refresh the page the current user can like the post again. I would like to make sure that when user’s refresh or come back they can’t cheat the system. Hope that makes sense?

Yep, got it. You’re going to need to track somewhere that the specific user has liked that specific post. This can be done on the user, on the post itself, as a separate “Like” thing, or a combination of the options.

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Can you send screen shot for how that would work? I’m still new to Bubble

I got it…small tweek…Thanks

Great! Sorry for the lack of response, I got caught running errands last night and didn’t get back to the forums. Glad you figured it out.

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Thanks man no worries, I def understand!

So how did you do it?