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Let user enter data just once

I want to count number of times a “Like” button is clicked, but want to prevent users from clicking it more than once no matter how many times they refresh or re-login. I.e. count the number of users’ likes, not just a number of times the button was clicked by anyone. I am new to Bubble and just wonder if it has a mechanism for this.

Have a separate table “Likes” in your database for likes. That table will have two things,
Post and liked by.
Post is the content posted and “liked by” is the list of users who liked this post.
When user clicks on the like button of a post,
Create a new things
Likes with Post= current cells post
Liked by add current user.

Now add a condition to Like button
When Do a search for Likes with Post=current cells post: first item’s Liked by contains Current user,
This button is unclickable and change button text to “Liked”

Thank you very much, I see.