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[SOLVED] How to create different types of users (Business User/End User/Public User)?

I would like to create a site where we have business users who have a certain functionality, then also have end users who have a certain functionality. How do you setup your data types to enable this type of functionality? I’m confused on how to setup a Category field under the main User Type.

I’m trying to mimic the functionality of Linkedin type social network, where you have Business Accounts, End User Accounts, and publicly accessible Pages for both Business Accounts and End User Accounts.

I would assume that there would be three user types:
Logged in Business User (access to a business account page and business profile page and business user functionality)
Logged in End User (access to a user profile page with separate end user functionality)
Public Non-Logged in User (access to optionable public profile pages for both business and end user)

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Hello @shadowmaxss,

So this wouldn’t be too hard. The best way to think of this is to start from the end user experience and then work your way back to the technology.

So in this case you have three different levels of users.

Public User < Basic User < Business user

  1. For public users, you actually don’t have to set up any user account information, you just display the generic public webpages and anyone can view them of course.

  2. For Basic Users, This is what everyone signs up as first. So you can use the current User data type.

  3. For Business Users there’s two ways.

A) Make a field called “Business Account” on User that is of type “yes/no”.
B) Make a data type called “Business_Account_Membership” and add a field of type “User”

No you can give your Users who have a business account permission to use more advanced features by either checking the Users field “Business Account” or just doing a data search in the data type for that User.

Sorry I couldn’t explain better. I’m in a bit of a rush. If I have time, I can answer any questions you have later.


This helps… Thank you for your help. This application is Fantastic!

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Hi I’m new on Bubble and tried to do something similar where I have basic users and service providers. So far I’m only able to get the user datatype populated but the service provider datatype is blank.

Below are snippets of what I have configured

Hope you can help

You need a form to edit the service provider, and then for the User field of the Service provider, you can add the user using a drop down which can be a list from a Do Search from User and set the criteria Service Provider is Yes

If you have not been through the lessons, then that should be your starting point.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for responding. I went through what you suggestions an frankly, I’d tried that befire.

After running the debug mode, I think I’m experiencing what other are experiencing whereby the ‘Make changes’ and ‘Create a new thing’ skips the workflow process. I thought it was my naivete but I assume this is a bug.

Any suggestion?