A Very Simple Way To Create Different User Types

Hello, I’m not sure if anyone figured this out yet but here is a very simple way to create a user type if your site requires it.

Example, if your site has two users which are Type 1=Customers and Type 2= Merchant, you might want to restrict some features that one user might not have access to.

To set a user who wants to sign up as a merchant, the way to do this is very simple.

On the merchant sign up page drag an input box anywhere on the page or within the sign up form. Then place inside the Initial Content the world “Merchant.” Now make sure to check that the box is disabled and not visible upon page load.

Now, within the workflow under “Create Account,” Make sure Type=Input Box Merchant or whatever you have it called. If there is no Field Type called Type under the User Data Type, Then create it.

This is how I found a way to create a separate user types.


Nice. One of many, many ways Bubble allows you to create different user types.

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Hi , any idea how i can arrange my database

I have buyer and seller , I’m looking to make a dashboard for the seller , and when the user order , it will appear on the seller dashboard , how i can relate the seller to the user buyer ?