[SOLVED] How to perfectly center an icon into a button


is there any way to perfectly center (vertically and horizontally) these icons (made by Font Awesome) into their related circles (text element)?
I need to have this exact size of buttons, I cannot make them bigger.

make your editor public …Settings > General > and even editable. Then you can make it private again

It’s weird because I’ve already done it but I’ve just re did it and now it should work…

still no

I believe you but it keeps redirecting me to my bubble home page.

I’m able to open it from a different browser where I’m not logged in, maybe it’s your cache :confused:


Mmmh, I don’t know what else to do to unblock it actually.

In the meantime I can paste here a few screenshoots of the first element:

have you tried < center > without spaces ?

Like this:

[size=4][fa] < center > fa-heart-o < /center >[/fa][/size]
Remove space between < and center and between center and >



BTW how do you use them inside of bubble?

As normal buttons but, the Font Awesome does not work in Bubble’s buttons so I do the workaround with Bubble’s text

is there a plugin? how do you ‘call’ them?

No plugins, I just add an action (workflow) on click on top of them.

try this:

make a square. place the icon inside of it. Right click on it, center it H and V. Then go to the square shape and make it round (add roundness to so much that it will be all round as you like it). Then group them together.

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Another idea. Put both in a group. Then center both elements vertically and horizontally. That’ll do the trick.


@mvandrei and @sridharan.s you just made me realise that with this group technique and having two separate elements I can manually force them in a certain position and this does the trick.

Thanks a lot



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