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[Solved] How to Save Custom States of Reusable Element

I created a custom look/feel for an input question (it’s actually a set of groups with conditions and workflows, instead of an input field) and have saved it as a reusable element. On that element, the user’s answer choice is saved as a custom state.

When I’m using this element as a reusable element on another page, is there a way for me to save the state into our database?

…I don’t see an option to select the reusable element from within the “create new thing” action. Anyone have any ideas for how I might be able to get this data into our database?

When you create new thing, where you set fields, you should see the Reusable Element’s name appear in the Dropdown. Select that. As long as the element is on the page, then it should appear.

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Yeah, I thought so too, but it’s not showing up there.

Okay, I got it. @NigelG, you were right.

I had set a state on a group within the reusable element and it turns out that I need the state to be on the parent (not just a group within the element).

@NigelG thanks for your help!

Also, thanks @Kfawcett’s for your answer on another related question (and the example that I could play around with) Here’s that answer for anyone else coming across this thread: [SOLVED] Reusable element able to interact with elements on different pages?

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