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[Solved] Issues 'Sending meeting Request by Email'


I think there might be a bug with the “send meeting request by email” function; I tried it out yesterday and everything worked great… the request came to the email inputted and the link to add to your calendar.

I edited the page it was on and now it won’t send the email. I ran the workflow debugger and everything looked like it was sending. However, nothing came to my email.

Is there a bug or should I keep troubleshooting?


Update troubleshooting/ no luck :confused: I’ve tested the email config using send grid request and that comes to my current user email. However, I also re-tested using both buttons and icons to initiate ‘sending the meeting request by email’ and it still does not work! Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

With a real example, it will help I think. From my side, it’s working. But from yesterday to today, have you a restore available?

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A couple screenshots… I have a calendar to save events.

An edit calendar event popup that enables sending the meeting request to email (to enter into iPhone calendar. I don’t know of any other way to do this).

Thank you for responding! I’ve been tied up with this literally all day. I still can’t seem to figure it out. And yes, I have a restore available. I’ve never tinkered with that as of yet. Does it restore only live or both live and development mode?

Best, J

Just to double-check, are you logged into your app when you clicked the send request button? I just thought on the off-chance you were logged out, Current User’s email would be empty and the email wouldn’t send. If you create a test account with a new email/login, does it still not send? *I just tested in the forumapp and it did send the meeting request to my email (but I manually entered it there; I didn’t use Current User’s email)

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Hi @fayewatson, Thank you vm for the reply! I am logged into the app. I’ve also tried changing the “To:” from current users email to “input value” of the email input, etc. Let me keep trying to get around this as it’s clearly not a “bug” or whatever since you nice people have it working. Thanks!

No problem! Just out of curiosity, if you manually enter your email in the workflow of this button, will it send to your email?

Wondering if it may have to do with your email address?

@fayewatson when manually entering the email, still no email is sent. I’ve tried with multiple emails too. It’s a bizzare roadblock I’m dealing with.

In the forum app as well, or in your app only?

@fayewatson Yes, I just tried in the forum app (added an input) and it worked perfect. Tried the same methodology in my app and it still does not work. Very frustrating. @emmanuel any input as to why this could be?

Like this it’s a bit hard to help out of context. Can you file a bug report at with a way to reproduce and we’ll have a look.

Thanks everybody for the help! I managed to get it working…

To be totally honest, I’m still not sure what I was doing wrong. I ended up moving the button that triggered workflow to send meeting request by email from a separate edit popup to the main popup that creates the event to begin with.

A little compromise but it’s probably cleaner in the end anyways. I’m just glad its working. Thanks again! This community is so helpful!


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